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How to overcome stage fright

You can turn your inherent stage fright into a feeling of balance and equilibrium that will allow you to speak in public and feel comfortable while doing it. Very few people manage to control their emotions to a high level and it takes them years of practice to do so. You donít have to approach this issue from a radical point of view. Instead of suppressing your emotions you can try to use them in your advantage, to make them work for you instead of against you.
The most important thing, when you have a public speech, is to let your audience see the real you, not an image you are trying to project. Donít try to go in front of them with a ďfakeĒ personality Ė they will sense it and react negatively. Donít try to be more than you are as playing this role will be difficult and you will almost certainly overlook some details. People are a lot more willing to accept someone who is a bit insecure or clumsy rather than accepting a person who is obviously putting on a mask and trying to cover his real personality. Being you is easy Ė you are doing that every day!
Try to stop and think about your difficulties of speaking to a large audience. Examine them with curiosity, try to see your reactions in context. Donít judge your reactions Ė observe them. You may find it hard to play the role of a detached observer, especially when it comes to your own person, but this is one of the best ways of discovering exactly where things start to go wrong.
Warm up your mind before a presentation, but donít neglect your body. Every muscle of your body should be relaxed, your leg muscles should be up to the challenge of you standing up for a longer period of time. Even the slightest physical inconvenience will affect your communication, so try to step on stage with a perfect mental and physical condition.
Donít forget to breathe. Rhythmical breaths bring a feeling of order and balance Ė exactly what you need before and while you hold your speech. Try to breathe deeply for about ten minutes, as this will bring precious oxygen to your brain, allowing it to function at maximum capacity.
Make contact with your audience. Try to see the scene as a place for dialogue, instead of monologue. Try to make eye contact with some audience members and adopt a relaxed posture. Smiling sincerely will always increase the chances of a good presentation. Remember that all those people in front of you are not there to judge you. They are there to receive the information you have so focus on the purpose of your speech rather than the publicís attitude towards you.
Turn your fear into a feeling of acceptance. Your fears come from the fact that you are worried that the audience will pass negative judgment on yourself or your presentation. Ignore this thought end step on stage with the belief that you are there to share information or experience and that you will be met with acceptance and interest. The more engaging the presentation, the better. Communicate with audience members and try to do this on a one on one level. By talking to a certain individual you personalize your performance, you make it become part of who you are. Keeping eye contact with your audience may be difficult and disturbing, but you should try to do it every now and then. Make a statement and then pause and glance at the public. Remember that non verbal communication claims a vital role in your presentation and the way it is perceived by others.

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