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Improve the relation with your parents

It is true that they give us birth and they raise us, but after a while, who hasnít gone through a period when they felt their parents kept messing up things? Even though your thirty you mom still calls to see what youíve eaten, to tell you itís cold outside and you should put an extra coat or to remind you to close all the windows before going on vacation.
Little by little, all the extra care they show towards us gets to annoy us tremendously. At the beginning, we try to keep it to ourselves, so that we donít bother anybody, then, we try to avoid visits and telephone calls, just to make sure we wonít start a scandal. Nevertheless, the more we try to stay away from any uncomfortable talks, the pushier our parents get.
The question arising is how to find equilibrium? How to escape the daily phone calls, which provide you with unnecessary advice, without making your parents feel bad, rejected or misunderstood.
Depending, obviously, on the parents, there are a few strategies that you can try. For example, if you know your mother is going to call you at 8 am sharp, in order to tell you what the weather is like outside and what you should wear that day, ring her up five minutes earlier than she would normally call. Act natural, like you didnít plan in detail the call. Ask her how she slept, how the dog is and inform her on the weather. Tell her you just watched the weather forecast ten minutes ago and she should definitely wear warm clothes, in case she goes shopping. First, sheíll have the impression she forgot to call at the regular hour and inform you about the weather, but then she will start thinking that you follow her advice and you check the forecast before leaving for work.
We always have to remember that, although we grew up, our parents keep on seeing in us children in need to receive help and advice. That is why, they constantly try to be present in our lives and protect us, in the way they consider best.
But, in spite of all the good intentions, an over caring parent can be a problem to anybody. So what do we do when the only hobby our parents have, is to go on taking care of the poor 30 years old child, meaning your own person? If no method, like proving we are capable of handling things by our own, works, than you definitely have to start finding another hobby for your parents. It might take a while, but you canít give up! Keep our mind open and think about options like: getting them another pet; subscribe them to dancing club which organizes daily meetings Ė this way theyíll be busy, healthy and also tired and they might give you a break; call their friends and invite them to pay them visits more often etc.
Youíll see that reaching the purpose is much easier than you expect, but be sure that, after a while, you will accept those phone calls, so donít make the mistake to totally break the relations with your parents!

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